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Taking Over: Outdoor Living Trends 2023

by Alex Brigham 06 Jun 2023

The great outdoors will be even greater in 2023, with people rushing to maximize the potential of their outdoor spaces.

 Florida, like much of the country, saw a surge in people moving their lives outdoors in 2022. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the living and working habits of millions and ushered in a new outlook on life for many. A focus on better living, time spent outdoors, and a more balanced approach to work/life means that in 2023 even more will be making the move to bringing the great outdoors to their backyards.

For some this simply means seeking a space to connect with nature, whilst others are turning it up to eleven, and creating bespoke, glamorous spaces for entertaining and enjoying time spent outdoors. What’s for certain is that a backyard is no longer just a lawn to mow or a place to use occasionally when friends are over. Outdoor living is now a priority for millions of Americans.

Read on for our top outdoor trends for 2023.
Creating seamless indoor-outdoor transitions

This blurring of the lines between indoor and outdoor living means that your neighbor, and your neighbor’s neighbor will likely turn to outdoor kitchens as a way of connecting their indoor space with their backyard, and as a means of creating a beautiful space for family and friends, or for simply unwinding in peace. Homeowners will look to folding glass doors, enclosed verandas, and partially covered gardens in 2023 to give that seamless transition from indoor to outdoor spaces.

Big colors
Have minimalistic white and gray tones dominated colorways for too long? Whilst these timeless classics will always be a go-to option, this year will see people turn to big, bold jewel colors, named after their resemblance to gemstones, to make a statement in their yards. Sapphire blues and emerald greens, rich hues that are saturated with color and dynamic depth, will give that vacation vibe so many long to bring into the home domain, whilst balancing out the grays and neutrals that have dominated home and garden décor for the past few years. The mantra for 2023? Don’t be afraid to experiment with different colors and allow your outdoor space to reflect your personality!

Metallic finishes
Metallic finishes, whether that’s stainless or brushed steel, brass, or copper accents, will be the perfect antidote to your outdoor space in 2023. Interacting differently with light, these materials can add warmth, or a subtle neutral tone to a space. Whether you go all out with brass vases, or you add a stainless-steel door onto your outdoor fridge, metallic finishes are bound to strike big with those looking to add a touch of class to their space.

Upscale spaces
Why leave your home if you can bring the holiday to you? That’s what more and more of us are thinking these days, and as such are looking at ways to make our homes and gardens feel like a luxury getaway, ushering in calming spaces and upscale relaxation to our homes. For many, that means investing in outdoor kitchens, firepits, pergolas and beautifully landscaped outdoor spaces.

 A Florida Outdoor Kitchen presents you with an opportunity to be creative, to blend classic colors with modern design, and to tailor a space to your individual needs. Whether that’s a space for the budding sommelier to enjoy a glass of perfectly chilled rosé, for the home chef to get creative with their pizza oven and Big Green Egg, or for the life of the party to create a space for entertaining loved ones, an outdoor kitchen represents the very best of outdoor living and provides unparalleled luxury and flexibility for everyone.

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