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In Focus: Italian Porcelain Countertops

by Alex Brigham 06 Jun 2023

The countertop is arguably one of the most important decisions you make when designing your outdoor kitchen. It’s the surface you will see and touch the most, and so its aesthetic qualities and durability are vital.

That’s why here at Florida Outdoor Kitchens, our selection of Italian porcelain countertops is chosen specifically for outdoor use, bringing the luxury of Italian porcelain to your Florida backyard.

Why Porcelain?
Porcelain has been the material of choice for European kitchen designers for years now, but has only just begun taking off here in the U.S. It’s the perfect balance between a high-end, luxury aesthetic and unrivalled durability.

It’s the ultimate choice when it comes to any kitchen, but especially for outdoor applications. The firing process, which takes ‘China Clay’ and heats it to 2250°F, results in an incredibly dense material which is resistant against:

  •  Heat
  • Scratches
  • Stains
  • Fading from UV Rays
  • Thermal Shock (rapid temperature changes won’t crack the porcelain, unlike granite).

Unlike granite, porcelain’s surface is non-porous, meaning bacteria and mold cannot survive, making it hygienic too.

Our countertops utilize technology developed at NASA – where a honeycomb fiberglass and aluminum substrate provide maximum strength from within the countertop.

All the above make porcelain perfect for an outdoor space, especially when you account for the weather Florida throws at its residents year-round!

Your Options:

  • -Our countertops come in either a matte or polished finish.
  • -We have a wide variety of color finishes, meaning you can create a myriad of combinations alongside our cabinetry color options. Whether you prefer a classic look, or perhaps something more striking, we’ve got you covered.

To see the range of colours available to you please click here, or visit a showroom today.

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